chip, performing, 2016, made, dark, third, studio, album, english, indietronica, band, chip, pictured, released, february, 2008, through, records, internationally, astralwerks, records, united, states, defining, feature, track, album, strong, presence, romanti. Hot Chip performing in 2016 Made in the Dark is the third studio album by English indietronica band Hot Chip pictured released on 4 February 2008 through EMI Records internationally and Astralwerks and DFA Records in the United States A defining feature of the 13 track album is the strong presence of romantic ballads Alexis Taylor the main contributor to the lyrics felt that feelings of love and happiness partly the result of his recent marriage had contributed to the album s romantic tone The title track was described as sublime by one critic Songs such as Ready for the Floor and Bendable Poseable were noted by critics to be reminiscent of the band s previous release The Warning Some critics felt that Made in the Dark lacked focus and contained too many varied elements The album peaked at number four on the UK Albums Chart and entered at number 109 on the U S Billboard 200 Several singles were released from the album including Shake a Fist Ready for the Floor and One Pure Thought Full article Recently featured HMS Argus I49 Resolution Guyot Space Shuttle Columbia disaster Archive By email More featured articles About Did you know Luna Park that during the construction of Coney Island s Luna Park pictured its owners electrocuted Topsy the elephant that with his self produced solo ice show Gift two time Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu is expected to become the first ice skater to perform at the Tokyo Dome that during its run of screenings at the Whitney Museum the 1979 film Asparagus was shown rear projected onto a set that appears in the film itself that Eudoro Galindo who was nearly elected Vice President of Bolivia was also a three time national fencing champion and a two time Bolivarian Games bronze medallist that SZA said her label insisted on scrapping a song from her second album even though they had used it to promote the album that attendees from forty countries and financial institutions at the 2023 International Conference on Climate Resilient Pakistan pledged more than US 9 billion for flood recovery that Margaret Cooper wrote that the Women s Royal Indian Naval Service was providing the experience of a lifetime to the young women she recruited during the Second World War that in 2012 a stylish but illegal monkey was seen wandering a Toronto area IKEA Archive Start a new article Nominate an article In the news Comet C 2022 E3 Comet C 2022 E3 ZTF pictured makes its closest approach to the Earth A suicide bombing in a mosque in Peshawar Pakistan kills 100 people and injures more than 220 others Petr Pavel is elected as president of the Czech Republic Cyclone Cheneso leaves at least 33 people dead in Madagascar A Palestinian attack at a synagogue in East Jerusalem kills seven Israeli civilians following an Israeli raid in the Jenin refugee camp that killed ten Palestinians including two civilians Ongoing Peruvian protests Russian invasion of Ukraine Recent deaths Richard Woolcott John Adams Melitta Muszely Yang Yi Will Steffen Gero Storjohann Nominate an article On this day February 4 Emperor Taizu of Song 960 Emperor Taizu pictured came to power initiating the Song dynasty of China that eventually lasted for more than three centuries 1797 The Riobamba earthquake the most powerful in Ecuador s history devastated Riobamba and many other cities causing at least 6 000 casualties 1820 Chilean War of Independence Chilean forces captured the city of Valdivia 1899 The Philippine American War began when an American soldier under orders to keep insurgents away from his unit s encampment fired on a Filipino soldier in Manila 2015 Shortly after takeoff from Taipei Songshan Airport the crew of TransAsia Airways Flight 235 shut down the wrong engine in response to a flameout leading to a crash that resulted in 43 deaths Ceolnoth d 870 Carl Michael Bellman b 1740 Jenny Shipley b 1952 More anniversaries February 3 February 4 February 5 Archive By email List of days of the year, wikipedia, wiki, book, books, library,


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