first, page, beowulf, colin, robert, chase, february, 1935, october, 1984, american, academic, associate, professor, english, university, toronto, known, contributions, studies, english, anglo, latin, literature, father, newspaper, executive, mother, mary, cha. First page of Beowulf Colin Robert Chase February 5 1935 October 13 1984 was an American academic An associate professor of English at the University of Toronto he was known for his contributions to the studies of Old English and Anglo Latin literature His father was a newspaper executive and his mother Mary Chase was a playwright who won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama His best known work The Dating of Beowulf challenged the accepted consensus as to when the Anglo Saxon poem Beowulf page pictured was created it left behind what was described in A Beowulf Handbook as a cautious and necessary incertitude Chase was also known for writing Two Alcuin Letter Books a scholarly collection of 24 letters by the 8th century scholar Alcuin He also contributed to the Dictionary of the Middle Ages and wrote the Beowulf section of This Year s Work in Old English Studies for the Old English Newsletter for nearly a decade Full article Recently featured Made in the Dark HMS Argus I49 Resolution Guyot Archive By email More featured articles About Did you know Poster for Captain America 1944 that a 1944 serial film poster pictured was the first film appearance of Captain America and the first film appearance of any Marvel Comics character that of the ten Royal Navy flag officers to die during the First World War three were killed in action that Henry R Pattengill requested that his name be removed from the ballot that zinc white was found in several versions of The Scream that Indian independence activist and author P Kodanda Rao s correspondence with Mahatma Gandhi helped to clarify Thoreau s influence on Gandhi that some historians believe that Steele s Greenville expedition marked a shift in the Union s war policy that after his tenure ended in 1964 Ipik Gandamana would be the last Indonesian minister of home affairs to be a civilian until 2009 that Alexander the Great occasionally founded cities not named after himself Archive Start a new article Nominate an article In the news Comet C 2022 E3 Comet C 2022 E3 ZTF pictured makes its closest approach to the Earth A suicide bombing in a mosque in Peshawar Pakistan kills 100 people and injures more than 220 others Petr Pavel is elected as president of the Czech Republic Cyclone Cheneso leaves at least 33 people dead in Madagascar A Palestinian attack at a synagogue in East Jerusalem kills seven Israeli civilians following an Israeli raid in the Jenin refugee camp that killed ten Palestinians including two civilians Ongoing Peruvian protests Russian invasion of Ukraine Recent deaths Richard Woolcott John Adams Melitta Muszely Yang Yi Will Steffen Gero Storjohann Nominate an article On this day February 5 Lantern Festival in China 2023 Tu BiShvat Judaism 2023 Charles XIV John 1637 Ninety eight sales for rare tulip bulbs were recorded on the last day of tulip mania a speculative bubble in the Dutch Republic 1818 Charles XIV John pictured succeeded to the thrones of Sweden and Norway as the first monarch of the House of Bernadotte 1861 In a speech before the U S Congress Representative John Edward Bouligny refused to join his fellow Louisiana congressmen in heeding the state s secession convention and resigning 1913 Greek military aviators Michael Moutoussis and Aristeidis Moraitinis performed the first naval air mission in history with a Farman MF 7 hydroplane 2004 At least 21 cockle gatherers were drowned by an incoming tide in Morecambe Bay England prompting the establishment of the British government s Gangmasters Licensing Authority Philipp Spener d 1705 William Cullen d 1790 Neymar b 1992 More anniversaries February 4 February 5 February 6 Archive By email List of days of the year, wikipedia, wiki, book, books, library,


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